Florence Okoye

UX & Service designer, Natural History Museum
Photograph of Florence Okoye

Are we even designing? Like, at all?

How can we come together and better engineer the web?

The web is certainly living in interesting times. We have created an ever growing ecosystem of services, providing entertainment, knowledge and connectivity on a global scale for over 3.2 billion users with another billion on the way.

And yet, in light of the negative environmental impact of our digital infrastructure, the security issues raised by massively connected devices and entrenched bias within the layers of logic that knit everything together, how can we, designers, developers, product managers and content creators come together and better engineer the web? What approaches can we employ to empower rather than disenfranchise people, breaking boundaries between makers, users and tech?

If we want to create services that are truly inclusive, it’s time to bring a bit of critical theory into our solution architecture. This talk will look at ways our concern for ethics, sustainability, access and social impact can intersect with the way we design.

About Florence

Florence Okoye is a User Experience and Service Designer, currently working at the Natural History Museum. Her interests include complex systems science, developing community led design practice and how to make intersectional futurism a thing. She is a facilitator with community engagement projects via Spaghetti Jams which aims to spread awareness about design thinking both as a methodology for self-empowerment and addressing local issues.