Stuart Robson

Front end developer, alwaystwisted
Photograph of Stuart Robson

Design Tokens and CSS

Systematising the Design of Components

Aren’t Design Tokens just spicy Sass variables?

Design Tokens allow you to define the low-level values of the design attributes in your Design System so that they can become the part of a shared vocabulary amongst all of Systems users and used across all of the products within Design System.

In this talk Stuart will be discussing what types of design attributes you could find in a set of Design Tokens, how you can create them once and share them anywhere, look beyond their generic usage across organisations, and how they can empower everyone to contribute to the overall Design System.

About Stuart

Stuart is a front-end consultant and design systems advocate who for the last 5 years has helped companies and organisation with the front-end of their design systems.

They’re passionate about modern CSS, progressive enhancement and accessibility they help companies author the ‘holy trinity’ of front-end development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) so that is clear, maintainable and can be updated easily over time.

Hailing from Wiltshire, living with his partner and their son Ethan. They spend time enjoying cooking and barbecuing. They also enjoy watching horror movies and tv shows and listening to rock music.