Volunteering to help at FEN 2020

Your opportunity to help us make this year's conference a success.

We have set out to provide a conference with great speakers who will deliver insightful talks at an accessible price. You can read more about the intentions behind Front End North in our blog post. But to do this we need volunteers to help us. This is where you may come in!

Why get involved?

  • The opportunity to work alongside what we think will be a supportive and helpful team.
  • You'll be helping an event that is determined to promote Sheffield as a good place to be for web design, development and associated fields.
  • We are aiming to organise volunteer roles in such a way that volunteers will hopefully be able to watch at least half of the talks.
  • Support a team of organisers who strongly believe in the embetterment of the industry in the North.
  • Undying gratitude from a genuinely appreciative team of organisers!

Some of the help we'll be looking for on the day

  • Welcoming attendees on arrival and check their tickets.
  • Tend to the reception desk throughout the day.
  • Be a buddy for a speaker - i.e. the point person for that speaker so they have a friendly member of the team to support them.
  • Forwarding any Code of Conduct concerns to the organisers.
  • Generally being available to help the event run smoothly from the organisers (from a "We need this done!" perspective) and assisting attendees with questions they have.

How we'll help you to confidently help us

You'll need to be available for a group training session sometime during January for a couple of hours, as well as on the 7th of February (the day of the conference). This training will be delivered remotely with help from Katie Fenn who has helped other conferences with their CoC responsibilities.

Register your interest in volunteering

The deadline for this is the 5th of January and we will be in touch very shortly after then.

If you're not 100% sure about volunteering, then please do put your name down or reach out to us on Twitter. We'll get in touch and you can talk about it with us first - we won't hold people to being a volunteer!

It should go without saying, but we would not expect any volunteer to pay for a conference ticket. Whilst we are unable to pay you for any expenses, you will receive a volunteer pass. We are sorry but all volunteers must all be over 18.

If you don't want to volunteer but still like the sound of what we're doing, then tickets are available now for £50.

Thanks to Peter Aitken for help with some of this.

Added 23rd November: Updated to reflect that remote training is a possibility for volunteers.

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